Rutas, sueños, arte...en la próxima estación.

Routes, dreams, art...at the next station.

Arlés. Café.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Café La Nuit.

Terraza del café . Diferentes perspectivas.

Café terrace. Different perspectives.

Me despido de Arlés con mi cuadro preferido de este artista.

I say goodbye to Arlés with my favourite painting of this artist.


Despues de visitar este lugar mi conclusión es que la interpretación que hacemos cada uno de un personaje, lugar o acontecimiento es diferente, pero todas son igual de valiosas. Lo importante es no limitarse a la visión íntima de cada uno, sino compartirla con otros. Probablemente descubramos matices que nos hagan ver la realidad no de forma distinta, sino más amplia. Y eso es siempre enriquecedor.

After visiting this place my conclusion is that the interpretation that each one of us makes of a character, place or event is different, but all are equally valuable. The important thing is not being confined to the intimate vision of myself, but sharing it with others. We will probably discover nuances that will help us to see the reality in a wider way. And that is always enriching.

Y termino diciendo que esa es mi razón principal para escribir este blog. Ofreceros mi visión del arte, los viajes, personajes etc... Y haciendo esto consigo tres cosas: expresar mi sensibilidad, compartirla y permitir a otros que compartan conmigo la suya.

And I finish saying that this is my main reason for writing this blog. Offering you my vision of art, travel, characters etc... And doing this I get three things: express my sensitivity, share it, and allow others to share theirs with me.


Bob said...

What is your impression of the painting? Mine is ambiguous: Between on the one hand seeing just a nice southern scene with impressive colors, and when I start analyzing I see on the other hand some loneliness, the scene from the point of view of a person who is far away from the others, not being part of the scene, with some empty tables and people only seen small and in the background. And the contrast of the yellow light of the terrace and blue and stars of the night sky.
I do not know. Do you have any explanation? I have read an interpretation now, but I still wonder what he wanted to express.

Selena Massivitus said...

I am impressed :).
But I have to say the contrary. For me this is not a sad painting, I see a man who loves that time of the day, the night with bright colours and nothing black. Its true that he is probably alone but I don´t see sadness in that, I think he feels good painting this, and I think thats the reason why I like it so much.

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