Rutas, sueños, arte...en la próxima estación.

Routes, dreams, art...at the next station.

Melioria. Residencias.

Friday, February 03, 2012

Maria Residence

Renonys Residence

Summer and Candace Residence

Oona Residence

Vista general. General view

Gracias a todos!!! / Thank you all!!!

Sois afortunados de formar parte de esta comunidad.

You are very lucky of being part of this community.


Bob said...

I have to visit this place. The pictures are great.

Fiorino said...

Thank you for your recent stories about Melioria. If you will like to see where the poor apprentices live on the Island, I will be glad to show you. Meanwhile, thank you for showing everyone our little world.

Selena Massivitus said...

It is my pleasure, thank you for being part of a place like this, you make it alive. I will contact you soon, I would love to see apprendices places. Greetings.

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